IAIP is being developed to treat life-threatening inflammatory conditions:

IAIP will:

  • Replenish the deficiency in patients
  • Significantly reduce inflammation
  • Target the host's dysregulated response
  • Severe Community Acquired Pneumonia (sCAP)

    ProThera Biologic’s first therapeutic product is being developed for the treatment of severe Community Acquired Pneumonia (sCAP). Community Acquired Pneumonia is the leading cause of death from infection in the US and the 7th leading cause worldwide. sCAP is the most severe form of Community Acquired Pneumonia and carries a mortality rate of up to 25% in intubated patients and up to 50% in patients requiring vasopressors. sCAP patients are typically treated in the ICU, maintained on mechanical ventilation, and treated with antibiotics. sCAP patients suffer from significant inflammation and are at risk of progressing to septic shock and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

    No current therapy focuses on the inflammatory process affecting these patients and inflammation drives the adverse outcomes. IAIP replacement therapy is expected to ameliorate the inflammatory process in sCAP and other pulmonary diseases leading to reductions in inflammatory mediators that correlate with disease. This is expected to lead to improvements in outcomes including reductions in mortality, morbidity and hospitalization time.

    Market for sCAP

    sCAP affects approximately 440,000 ICU patients each year in the developed world and these patients have extended time in the hospital and the ICU and are subject to long term adverse events. In the US, the cost of care has been estimated at $20B. The Company estimates conservatively that the worldwide market for IAIP in sCAP is $1.2B and it is growing at 1.5% per year. When the product is ready for commercialization, the Company estimates the market will exceed $1.4B and peak sales are estimated at $955M worldwide.