ProThera Biologics is a biotherapeutics company developing Inter-Alpha Inhibitor Proteins (IAIP) to treat severe inflammation associated with infection, trauma and disease.

Inter-Alpha Inhibitor Proteins are:

  • Naturally occurring human plasma proteins
  • A first line of host defense against severe inflammation
  • Essential to human health
  • We are developing IAIP therapy to:

  • Suppress severe inflammatory disease
  • Complement conventional treatments
  • Promote rapid and complete recovery of patients
  • IAIP are proteins found in the blood of all mammals and play a critical and essential role in managing and preventing the adverse effects of inflammation. IAIP are essential to health and act as endogenous defenders against severe inflammation.

    ProThera has demonstrated the promise of IAIP for the treatment of inflammatory disease in many animal models and has shown that IAIP blood levels correlate closely with the degree of severity of inflammatory disease in humans.

    We expect to introduce IAIP as a replacement therapy in critical disease states where IAIP levels decrease as a result of the underlying disease process. IAIP replacement therapy will function as an adjunct to current therapy to:

  • improve recovery
  • reduce mortality and
  • reduce costs of medical care
  • Applications for IAIP include a host of severe, acute inflammatory diseases including those resulting from infection, injury or trauma. ProThera is targeting high unmet medical needs where there are no treatments for the inflammatory process.


  • November 21, 2016

    ProThera Biologics, Inc. has been awarded a $50,000 Innovation Voucher from the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation to support a study in collaboration with Rhode Island Hospital (RIH). ProThera Biologics is a biotherapeutics company developing Inter-alpha Inhibitor Proteins (IAIP) therapy to treat patients with life threatening diseases. IAIP are natural, circulating proteins which are essential for human health; the levels of these proteins are normally high in healthy individuals but drop rapidly in patients who are fighting severe inflammation. In this project, ICU patients at Rhode Island Hospital diagnosed with severe pneumonia will be enrolled to study the blood levels of IAIP to support ProThera’s planned clinical trials of this novel treatment. Dr. Mitchel Levy, Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit, Division of Critical Care, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, will be the principal investigator at Rhode Island Hospital.

  • Women’s and Infant’s Hospital receives 2 NIH grants and will work with ProThera to study IAIP in infant brain injury
  • Slater Reinvests in ProThera Biologics
  • ProThera Biologics Appoints New COO
  • ProThera Biologics Appoints New President & CBO